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Agile Enterprise

Is Your Business Agile?

Business Agility is the ability to quickly respond to disruptive changes with innovative business solutions. This requires a mindset of innovation and Readiness to adapt.

The Agility Issue

“…The problem is that organizations are using managerial frameworks and infrastructure models from past revolutions to manage their businesses in this one.” – Mik Kersten Kersten, Mik. (Project to Product. IT Revolution Press.)

Agility in digital age requires a business to be always prepared before disruption happens. This requires effective alignment of business and systems towards continuous value. Hence, Adaptability & ease of customization become Key criteria for ALL systems in Enterprise.

Key questions to be asked by every organization are:


1. Are our processes flexible enough to allow Quick reconfigurations ?

2. Are our people and culture strong enough to meet challenges posed by disruptive competition, without breaking under pressure ?

3. Are our managerial frameworks strong enough to incentivize innovation while balancing the need to meet targets?

4. Are our Systems and Architectures in our IT landscape nimble enough to change directions abruptly at the speed of thought; all the while providing the desired reliability?

5. Is our business driven by a comprehensive vision of future with innovation and Business agility as a clear strategy to counter disruption in rapidly evolving technology and business landscape ? 

Although this is not a comprehensive list and None of these might have a direct Yes/No answer in every organization, it’s never a wrong time to ask these questions and evaluate our readiness.

No-code and Low-code platforms are Change friendly and reduce the systemic obstacles to change, greatly assisting in and accelerating the success of Agile business transformation projects.