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QuickAppFlow empowers you to launch highly scalable, multi-tenant and secure Enterprise SaaS apps within weeks.

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Select from 14+ out of the box “Ready-to-Launch” Customizable templates


Make your product unique by adding tailored features, branding and customization


Your multi-tenant and scalable SaaS product is ready to launch without a tech team in 4 weeks

Highly secure, scalable and multi-tenant apps

Building scalable and multi-tenant SaaS apps is time-consuming and challenging. QuickAppFlow platform ensures seamless multi-tenancy and high scalability for all your products and apps. You can confidently expand across diverse geographies without the burden of hosting and deployment complexities.

Start with Ready-to-Launch enterprise SaaS templates or from scratch

Boost your sales productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth with QuickAppFlow’s intuitive CRM solution. Streamline sales processes, track leads, and enhance customer satisfaction, all in one centralized platform.

Track and Optimize Your Assets

QuickAppFlow Asset Management  is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and optimize the management of your valuable assets. With our intuitive platform, you can effectively track, maintain, and maximize the utilization of your assets, saving time and resources.


Efficiently Organize teams and Manage Operations, Projects, Tasks, Time sheets & attendance of all resources attached to the project.

Unify your employee Experience with our HR Solutions, Provide end to end employee life cycle within your company. Add employee Self services to digitize all interactions with employees.

QuickAppFlow Helpdesk is a powerful solution designed to enhance your customer support and streamline your support operations. With our user-friendly platform, you can efficiently manage and resolve customer queries, provide timely assistance, and maintain excellent customer satisfaction.

QuickAppFlow Field Services App is a robust solution designed to streamline and optimize your field service operations. With our intuitive mobile application, you can efficiently manage your team, schedule appointments, track resources, and deliver exceptional on-site services.


No Code is a special type of Low Code platform, which provides the benefits of a stable out of the box Enterprise product, while giving the flexibility and agility of a custom development platform

Low code platforms provide 

  • Library of prebuilt blocks used to build applications by drag and drop
  • Visual tools for building parts of an application
  • Ease of deployment and configuration
  • Encouragement Business users to become ‘citizen developers’

Low-code market will  be responsible for more than 65% of the application development activity by 2024. – Gartner

No, you can keep your existing applications and integrate with QuickAppFlow, Alternatively if you choose to migrate, QuickAppFlow offers Business in a Box, pre-built applications that are ready to use and fully customizable

No, QuickAppFlow offers a highly extensible platform, the framework supports extensions which can be implemented using traditional custom development platform, the platform can also be integrated with specialized hardware and Software products as needed by the customers.

No code development is pretty easy and requires only few easy steps, anyone with a basic understanding of  a spreadsheet and word processing software can effectively build Apps in No code

  • Yes, of course there is no need to re-invent the wheel, Standard systems like ERP can be bought and implemented , QuickAppFlow can help you to ensure effectiveness of your  ERP by extending your ERP workflows  to be available across devices and platforms and to last employee
  • Building a Differentiator requires you to do things differently, Buying a software can only get you a solution with common minimum capabilities
  • Disruptor mindset values Innovation they think differently and solve different problems, off the shelf systems are little to no use to them
  • Disruptors are keen on building solutions Superfast way to evaluate their impact on business challenges.

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