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Accelerate Digital Change using Quick App Flow

The Role of Quick App Flow In Accelerating Digital Change

The dynamics of business that are playing out in 2021, call for a rapid digital transformation of business processes and workflows. Several businesses are left behind due to their inability to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital world. Overflowing email inboxes, mountains of paperwork, redundant client calls and processing delays lead to lower productivity and reduced profit margins. This is especially true where in-person or in-office workflows are heavily discouraged when avoidable, and businesses are rapidly undergoing a transformation. Therefore, digitally automating workflows within a company using QAF Digital Platform empowers the business to Accelerate Digital Change, reduce dependency on humans, decrease human error and improve efficiency.

According to a 2018 survey of 1,200 companies, the average budget for digital transformation was USD 14 million, this justifies the urgent need of a cost effective platform that firstly helps in effective transformation and secondly brings down the cost to execute transformation projects.

The digital revolution of the 21st century gave rise to no-code off-the-shelf platforms that facilitate quick and easy workflow automation along with hassle-free deployment within the existing business framework. 

Quick App Flow is a Do It Yourself (DIY) no-code automation platform built for you, which combines

  • Ease of visual modelling,
  • effective governance,
  • hassle-free third-party integration, API availability
  • detailed auditing, to ensure a solid compliance framework.
  • cross-platform compatibility 
  • mobile-friendly User Interface (UI)
  • Real-time customizable notifications

QAF no-code digital transformation platform offers businesses an unprecedented degree of convenience and scalability. With zero requirements of IT knowledge and easy drag-and-drop visual interface to create intuitive interfaces, QAF is a dream come true for workplace automation.  Click here for a demo to Accelerate Digital Change Today !