QuickAppFlow | AI-Powered Low-Code Platform for Process Automation

Grow your business with AI-powered sales CRM

All-in-one CRM for your businesses to align your sales process - from lead acquisition to customer service.

Manage and close deals efficiently

Elegant Cards

Highlight pipeline, revenue, follow-ups, sales sequences, and contact information.

Kanban and List View

Visualize data in kanban board or list view, and and easily perform actions.

Activity Stream

Track how customers interact with your business by looking at a timeline of actions on the website and app.

Improve Productivity and Accelerate Revenue Growth

Sales Pipelines

Create custom pipelines and easily add your deals, assign tasks and track your prospects.

Meetings and Follow-ups

Schedue meetinngs and follow-ups faster to stay up to date.

Track Documents

Build, track and share documents at one place.

Quotes and Invices

Create, send quotes and invoices from customers.

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