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Accelerate your property business using “Quick Proper-T “in 2022

Are you a Real-Estate developer, agency, or broker?

If yes, you are in the right place, please read ahead. In the past two years due to Corona the entire humanity had to suffer. This business has been challenged tremendously. The entire economy of the country has descended.

In India employment generator after agriculture is Real Estate business. This shows how important is Real Estate business. It’s a very commonly used word and almost everyone must deal with it. But individuals dealing in Real Estate do not seem to be updated with technology, existence in online, dealing with mobile apps and social media existence. Records of Leads and Listing are still maintained in notebook and diaries. Too many Listing Portals, huge amount paid for subscription. Maintaining the records of customers and properties are some of the challenges faced by a Real Estate business .In detail we will discuss below.

 But as time changes, we need to transform our self for growth and excellence. Real Estate business need to transform their business strategies for high profit in future. A Real Estate business that gives importance to technology is better suited to adapt faster and to grow extensively in the digital world.

At Quick ProperT, our experts have studied most of the common challenges and difficulties faced by Real-state business. Despite all the challenges we must grow our business.

“Quick ProperT“ a solution perfect for the Real Estate industry would not be complete without the below features, that’s why we are providing all these in a single package.

A free Mobile App for property Management

Load properties and share with customers and your Network using social media.

Track leads, Customers, Agreements, and Income.

Generate Leads on your property using “Quick Proper-T” Listing portal

Get a website when you subscribe

Host your own property listing portal


If you want to know how these features help you in making your Real estate business a Hi-Tech business. How this will keep your business relevant in the current digital marketplace, and if you want to grow your business beyond local boundaries, please read ahead.

Introduction about Real Estate Industry

Real Estate is the term globally recognized and which is one of the essential commodities of life. This business deals with retail and sale of – Housing, Corporate, Hospitality, Medical and Service industries. A Decent and safe Real estate property could be a necessity for life, peace of mind, or an investment, or a long-term value generating asset. However, you look at it, real estate is essential and personal like food and clothing.
Growth in Real Estate is directly proportional to economic development world and demand for office space as well as urban and semi-urban accommodations.

Real Estate business Challenges

We have studied most of the common challenges and difficulties faced by real-estate agent or broker. Specially in recent situation of “Lockdown” due to Covid 19, the whole planet has suffered miserably in all the areas especially economy. When economy is challenged, then definitely Real Estate Business collapses. Which will unfortunately further impact the economy of the country again. This is a vicious cycle. A strong stable real estate market is good for the economy, and for the country.
Real estate market runs on the shoulders of innovative and sharp businessmen and women. Property development, building, selling, brokering, all activities require astute business skills. Besides skills, Real estate business is capital intensive as well as requires grit and hard work.


Let’s look at the common challenges and solutions

1. Should Real Estate business invest in building a website? How much will it cost?

Real Estate business is physical and groundwork business. We typically imagine Real Estate broker as interested to show the flats and properties to the end user physically onsite. Real Estate business was doing well without an online existence, but in these past two years Real Estate industry has witnessed high competition due to emergence of technologies. We have learnt a lesson that it is very important to exist online. Infact that is the only way how our business can stand or exist. We must change and update our self with time for growth or at least survival. Real Estate agent, brokers and agents need to transform their business strategies for better services and high profit.

Creating profiles on Real Estate listing websites and marketplaces is not enough to get business from the target audience. Here are the best reasons why real estate builders, agents and brokers need a website.

Benefits of owning a website

  1. Customers prefer website as an authentic source of trusted information.
  2. Incredibility Increases
  3. Future marketing cost reduces
  4. Help to find Real Estate Investors
  5. Better customer service

So, Real Estate business can do great job if they have a website. But Real Estate business does not require any technical qualifications, they have no knowledge of how to get the business transform into online. From where one can develop a full functional, professional, and economical website. Unaware of the market price appropriate to build the website? How can a website get business to them? How to use the website? How to maintain the website? With no technical knowledge how can they own a website?  All these brain storming questions may come to a Real Estate developer, agent, or broker.


With QuickProperT you can get your own website when you subscribe to the service. It is a single solution that addresses all your doubts and worries about how to utilize the upcoming technology. The benefits of having a website are already listed above. Website gives branding to the business. It gives the customer impression that your business is organized and well managed, which will add great impression on your business.

Your website provided by Quick ProperT can be hosted with your own domain name example www.abcproperties.com. Your website will be readymade. With user friendly way you can put all your contact details and property listings on it. You will be able to see your beautiful website in couple of minutes as soon as you subscribe.

website portal

2. Does Real Estate business need a property listing portal for his business? Online 3rd party property portals are enough?

Nowadays, with the arrival of online property listing sites, the cost of running a Real Estate business has gone up high. There are Too many online portals, each claiming to provide leads and charging huge premium for raw leads.

Real Estate agent and brokers pay a high amount on these listing portals on a regular basis. It’s a huge investment with no guarantee whether this investment is going to be profitable or not. In return the brokers and agent get access to only limited properties.

What if you have your own listing portal? This is possible, but If brokers create their own website, the next question comes to mind, how will customers know about your portal and come to you?  How your properties can be promoted/ published to get more leads?

Like any other website, your website will take little time to get published and start generating Leads. Like in a new business it’s not possible to get sudden growth and success but if you stay in the business for a longer time like two – three years your customers will grow eventually. Other option is to advertise your website on social media to get more customers. Don’t worry we have a solution for you!


With QuickProperT, you can build your own Property listing portal without any additional fees or charges. You can load unlimited properties, capture leads, do social media marketing. This way you can build a respectable online brand.

To get more leads, you have the option to publish properties to QuickProperT.com online portal. This portal is built by us to attract new customers for your business. As QuickProperT.com grows and becomes popular your properties will start getting more leads. We will also engage our marketing team to ensure your properties get maximum response. We also have an exciting feature. You can also publish your properties to various market leading online portals at very economical rates.

3. How can Real Estate business use social media and WhatsApp to increase business and get new leads?

Social Media is having a great influence on all our lives. Businesses are leveraging social media for exponential growth. Real Estate businesses want to do the same and are asking the following questions. How to do promotion on social media? How to attract leads using social media channels?

Some Real Estate business are trying to solve this problem by spending a lot of time and energy to built WhatsApp groups and send each property one by one to all the groups. It has become a daily routine to do this activity to generate leads. Although this technique is effective but is not efficient.


Now with Quick ProperT, you can directly share a property just with a simple link, using a single click on our social sharing channel. You can share directly on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

You also have the option to search and group the properties by locality and type of property and create a special link of the filtered search results. This link can be shared directly to all your WhatsApp groups for marketing purpose.

4. How can Real Estate Business manage Properties that are listed with them?

A good Real Estate company not only connects the property owners and customers, but they act as aides of the customer as well as the owner. They also work as care takers of the property. It is very difficult to manage in this way when the Real Estate office is managing huge number of properties. While caring for a property, a Real Estate business might need to do the following.

  1. Maintaining a neat list of Properties
  2. Keeping the Property list updated with status
  3. Maintaining Property Documents
  4. Maintaining Agreement Document as per government
  5. Keeping track of inspection
  6. managing tenant complaints
  7. Damage and unexpected maintenance cost
  8. Managing time and schedule of Staff, Customers, Owners
  9. Coordination and Communication to staff/tenants

If a Real Estate business is not well organized to manage all these requirements, it will start creating problems for the business.

For example: –

  • “ABC” a Real Estate company in Pune got a call from a customer, the customer gave reference of advertisement of sulekha.com. The customer is enquiring for a flat in Warje area of Pune.
  • One of the employees who’s working in “ABC” a Real Estate company said to the customer that they have 1500sqft area of flat of cost of 40 lacs rupees.
  • This doesn’t sound correct as its highly impossible in Warje area to get a large flat in this rate. In Warje area even a small flat of 750sqft is more than 40 lacs.
  • With such a low price the client got interested and planned a site visit just next day in the morning. The client was surprised to see that flat is only 780sqft instead of 1500sqft.
  • After seeing the flat, the client questioned to that employee like you had promised flat of area of 1500 sqft, but present flat is only 780sqft?
  • The employee agree that he made a mistake, and it was a confusion created by him. He gave unwanted clarification for the mess he created, but he has already wasted the client and his own time.
  • The client was irritated and made a post on “ABC” Facebook account, that “ABC” does not have proper management. They are unorganised and inefficient in their work, wasting the client time.
  • The client had 2500 friends on his Facebook, so at least 1000 people saw that post and more than 50 people comment on that post.
  • Unfortunately, this incident impacted the trust and brand name of “ABC” Real Estate company which they earned in past 30 years. So, one mistake may cause a lot of damage.


With Quick ProperT you can easily manage many properties.
Once you update, the property details are always available online.
You can search and filter properties from the portal, or mobile apps to update them.
By using our software, your data will be secured and even after years you will get the exact same data very easily.

According to your requirements, you can apply any filter to search specific type of properties. Then your task of contacting the customers becomes easy. You can send all the filtered properties details to the customer in a single click.

If you have added a new property, and you want to know in your previous customer list how many people might be interested in the same property, then it’s very difficult to search if you are maintaining data in book/ dairy. Using our software, you can filter the customers within a second and contact them.

5. Is there a way to easily record and track all my Properties, Leads, Customers, Agreements and follow up?

The most important task for a Real Estate business is tracking Leads Manually tracking leads is difficult and tedious. It is also very difficult to follow up with different staff regarding properties that they have shown to the customers.
  • Every day you arrange site visits at least for 5-10 customers. Not all the customers converted at the same day, same time and it is very difficult to remember the problems or the time they want to think about it so if by mistake you forget to contact the customer who is already shown interest in property then just because you don’t follow up they switch to another business person and you had lost the lakhs of money at the same time. There is an urgent requirement of some Lead managing system in the society.
  • If you are maintaining the years of data in book / dairy and by mistake its lost by you then you are going to face a huge loss, also it is very difficult to maintain pen and paper every time and if you are in Real Estate business for 12-13 years then it will be more difficult for you.
  • When you daily visit to the customer you can hardly explain 5 -6 properties to the customer, which may be very tiring.


Best way as technology is advancing, if you maintain data in our software then you are just one click far from your years of data.

You have huge number of properties. Suppose you have 50properties to sell. By using our website, you can easily show all the properties to the customer very easily in very less time. There are pictures, area, amenities all the things are explained properly. Which will help him to short list the property, which can be selected for site visit. So, the chances of converting customer will be more.

As you are maintaining your customers in our software you can also send birthday/ anniversary wish to your customers just to build customer relationship.

Copy of Manage Leads pic

6. How can Real Estate agency manager or staff have all the details available to him all the time?

Normally any offline data created by the Real Estate business like diaries, notepad, catalogue are physically kept in one place and require someone to keep them updated. Also, any new information from the field staff must be updated next day when they come to the office. Suppose if there is delay in this critical information, this unorganized and unmanaged work may bring huge loss to the business.


Quick ProperT provides a Mobile App so that your staff can see and update all the information in real time. It is designed in a user very user-friendly way, as mobile app so will be easily accessible to the Real Estate agent anytime and anywhere, he requires.


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