QuickAppFlow | AI-Powered Low-Code Platform for Process Automation

Task Management

Simplify project execution with unmatched tasks’ granularity. Plan, track and manage milestones, task-lists, tasks, and subtasks, set priority, add reminders.

Resource Planning and Management

Plan and track resource capacity with precision. Allocate resource to projects and derive utilization.

Time tracking

Enables your team to record their work hours with a single-click. Compare logged hours with the planned to gauge utilization and productivity.

Document management

Easily create and manage documents, reports, graphics centrally for a project. Manage control with permissions and collaborate with teams members more efficiently.


QAF platforms empowers you to design workflows to automate task processes, perform actions on task updates, overdue tasks, task severity with customizable rules. Convert Helpdesk tickets into tasks in project management.


Granular reports on milestones, tasks, issues, timesheets, resource utilization help taking the right decision during project execution.


Manage control and access to users with customized profiles and roles. Enables you to set up ticket and field level access.