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Pricing for Entrepreneurs

Your SaaS Product. In 1 week.

Choose from 16 SaaS products
and launch in just 1 week.

How do you want to launch your SaaS product?


Choose 1 from 16 SaaS products
and launch in just 1 week

$1250 for 6 months

Test product-market-fit for 6 months

30 GB file storage

200K records

Host in specific location with Azure data center


Choose from 16 SaaS products
and launch in just 1 week

$500 per month

125 GB file storage

1 million records

Host in any location with Azure data center


Build new SaaS product
with customized features

Pay per feature

Free development up to 45 man days

20x lower development cost

Build on AI-Powered low code platform

Couple with 15 SaaS products

Host in any location with Azure data center


QuickAppFlow doesn’t cost you anything to build apps using ready-to-launch templates. You can build B2B enterprise SaaS apps using ready-to-launch templates without any development fees. You only pay $500/month for hosting and support.

Yes, all apps built on the platform are multi-tenant, scalable, and secure. You can launch apps and create separate tenants for your customers.

Absolutely! Choose from our 16+ out-of-the-box SaaS templates. We can help you add new features to make your app unique. This way, you can launch a ClickUp-like product targeting the construction industry or a Zendesk-like product focused on the facility management industry.

QuickAppFlow supports all geographies where Amazon and MS Azure have their data-centres.

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to white-label all 16 of our SaaS applications, our Low-Code platform, and the BPM (Business Process Management) tool at no initial cost. We believe in empowering you to make these tools your own. The only charges you’ll incur are for hosting and the support services that ensure your experience with these white-labeled solutions is seamless. This means you can customize and brand these applications and platforms according to your specific needs, all while maintaining control over your expenses through our transparent pricing structure.

Yes, QuickAppFlow is your go-to platform for mobile app development. The real advantage is the speed – you can build mobile apps up to 10x faster at 1/10th of price. What’s more, QuickAppFlow comes with a suite of essential apps right out of the box. We’ve got HRMS, Field Sales, CRM, Helpdesk, Field Services, and more already built into the platform. So, not only can you create your custom apps swiftly, but you also have ready-to-use solutions at your fingertips, making your mobile app development journey a breeze.