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Challenges non-tech Entrepreneurs face in building a SaaS product

Non-tech Entrepreneurs and Founders face a number of technology-related challenges in building a SaaS product.
Here are some common challenges:

1. Limited technical expertise: Non-tech entrepreneurs may lack the technical expertise required to develop and manage a SaaS product. This can result in a knowledge gap that makes it challenging to make informed decisions about the product’s technical architecture, development methodology, and data security

2. Choosing the right technology stack: Non-tech entrepreneurs may struggle to choose the right technology stack for their SaaS product, such as programming languages, frameworks, and databases. Making the wrong choice can result in scalability issues, security vulnerabilities, or performance problems.

3. Product development timelines: Developing a SaaS product involves many technical tasks, including coding, testing, and deployment. Non-tech entrepreneurs may have unrealistic expectations of how quickly a product can be built and launched, leading to delays and missed deadlines.

4. Technical debt: Technical debt refers to the accumulated cost of maintaining and updating software code over time. Non-tech entrepreneurs may not understand the long-term costs associated with technical debt, such as maintenance and upgrades.

5. Quality assurance: Non-tech entrepreneurs may struggle to ensure that the software product is tested thoroughly and meets quality standards. This can result in bugs, errors, or usability issues that can impact user experience and adoption.
6. Security and compliance: Non-tech entrepreneurs may not understand the technical aspects of security and compliance requirements for SaaS products. This can lead to regulatory and legal issues, data breaches, and other security vulnerabilities.


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